“A bare bulb atop a rudimentary pole, it stands at center stage, lit by the last person to leave the theatre each night and extinguished by the first person to arrive in the morning. Though stark in stature and artless in form, the ghost light fulfills many functions...some practical, some supernatural.” – Jim Dougherty

Some people maintain that the function of the lone stage light is to chase away mischievous spirits; others insist it illuminates the space for the spirits that are said to inhabit virtually every theatre, keeping them happy and contented. Without a doubt, the paranormal dance of the empty theatre is mysterious, magical and rich in folklore.

The 2019 Blue Devils take a look into the mesmerizing illuminant with Ghostlight. Musically diverse, globally nomadic references weave together a world of emotion and drama. From Khachaturian to Lorne Balfe to original work by Dave Glyde, Ghostlight is an exploration of mood, melody, and virtuosity.

Ghostlight shines a light on 154 extraordinary performers as the Blue Devils travel the United States for a summer of music, motion and imagination. With a rich history of excellence and innovation, Drum Corps International’s most honored drum corps celebrates one hundred yards of discovery. On a stage where anything is possible, Ghostlight reveals the traveling performance troupe of contemporary drum and bugle corps we all treasure.

Music inspired by:

  • "Cycle Song" Imogen Heap
  • "Rhythm Song" Paul Smadbeck
  • "A True Passion" Lorne Balfe
  • "Stroke of Genius" Lorne Balfe
  • "Symphony No. 3" Aram Khachaturian
  • "Ghostlight" Dave Glyde
  • "Circus" Britney Spears
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