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CONCORD, CA (May 12, 2000) - Today the ten-time world Champions Concord Blue Devils announced the launch of a completely new audio/video experience for their fans. The new program is titled: "Digital Devils." The Blue Devils have teamed up with Liquid Audio, Inc., a leading provider of software and services for the digital delivery of music. Additionally, The Blue Devils have partnered with TeVeo Inc. to provide streaming video to their fans. These developments are a continuation of The Blue Devil’s strategy to utilize the Internet to deliver on their fan’s desire to keep in contact with the corps. For more information and to experience The Digital Devils go to:

By leveraging Liquid Audio's music hosting, delivery and digital rights management infrastructure, The Blue Devils plan to integrate secure, for-sale downloads, full-length current musical tracks and streaming audio previews into their web site. Starting in the beginning of May, the planned Liquid Audio integration will enable The Blue Devils to promote and sell from their seven-album catalog. Additionally, the corps will offer dynamic summer content such as warm-ups, victory concerts and other exclusive content, all in CD-Quality sound.

"We are thrilled to give our fans immediate access to our current music during the summer" said David Gibbs, Executive Director of The Blue Devils. "We hope to bring exclusive sounds from the 2000 Blue Devils which will include pre and post performances the night they were recorded."

Liquid Audio's software and services will enable the Blue Devils to provide their fans immediate access to their music. The Blue Devils plan is to integrate these downloads into its existing web site, so consumers can easily access the the music they want to hear. Individual singles will sell for a suggested retail price of $1.50. Special "parking lot" recordings will be available for 99¢. An assortment of free MP3 selections will also be available for download on the site, located at

"Liquid Audio is pleased to welcome the Blue Devils as the latest member of the Liquid Music Network," said Gerry Kearby, president and CEO of Liquid Audio. "As a former Drum Corps member and instructor, I am excited to see Drum Corps music being made available to a wider audience."

Digital Devils also puts fans into right into the action thanks to a partnership with TeVeo Inc., a leading developer of Web camera software and digital video solutions. TeVeo Live technology lets fans preview the Blue Devils' video collection online. One click and viewers can watch the "Through the Years" title in their Web browser located at

"It's impossible for a still image to represent the many qualities of the Concord Blue Devils," said Michael Kuehn, chief executive officer at TeVeo. "With TeVeo Live, viewers see the actual action on the field, the great teamwork and all the color in motion. We're pleased that the corps chose our Livecast technology for its online store and that anyone on the Internet can now view the Blue Devils' excellent performances on"

TeVeo Live is a free Windows 98 application that allows owners of Web cameras from a variety of manufacturers to "Livecast" high-resolution moving and still images over the Internet. Any camera hosted on the web site is available for immediate viewing from any Java-capable browser on any platform. With the simple installation of the TeVeo Live software, cameras are registered automatically at Protected by a password, the camera owner can decide to open the Livecast to the general public, or keep it private, sharing it with friends using a guest password.

"We are looking forward to delivering on our fan’s expectations of innovation from the Blue Devils organization," said Larry Cohen, Chairmen of The Blue Devils Tech Committee. "The fans' experience will be greatly enhanced through this alliance. The Internet is an excellent vehicle to build a connection between our fans and the corps."

About Liquid Audio
Liquid Audio, Inc. is a leading provider of software and services for the digital delivery of music over the Internet. The Liquid Audio solution gives musicians, record labels, Web sites and music retailers the ability to publish, syndicate and securely sell recorded music online with copy protection and copyright management. Using the Liquid(TM) Player software, available for free download at, music fans can preview and purchase downloadable music from the more than 750 affiliate Web sites in the Liquid (TM) Music Network. Traded on Nasdaq under the symbol LQID, Liquid Audio is located in Redwood City, California.

For more information visit Liquid Audio on the web at

About TeVeo
TeVeo Inc. offers leading-edge digital video and Web camera technology that lets people easily share high-resolution moving and still images over the Internet. Founded in 1998, the company recently released TeVeo Live(TM), its free plug-and-play Web camera software that turns a Windows computer into a sophisticated Internet video server.

With immediate applications in the consumer, small business and industrial markets, the TeVeo Live software lets users send their Web camera's Livecast via LAN, telephone or wireless connections for viewing on any browser. In conjunction with the company's site, Livecasts are immediately available for retrieval by friends, family or customers around the world. Any camera hosted on the web site is available for immediate viewing by anyone with Internet access.

For more information visit TeVeo on the web at

About The Blue Devils
In addition to an unprecedented ten Drum Corps International World Championships, The Blue Devils "A" Drum and Bugle Corps has been awarded DCI’s High Brass award 17 times and DCI’s High Percussion award 9 times. A non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, The Blue Devils’ mission is to offer young people a quality educational and performance experience in the area of performing arts. Founded in 1957, the organization provides a structured and positive learning environment for young people of all ages. A continuing objective of The Blue Devils is to develop personal character through challenging physical, emotional, social and mental activities while promoting the values of dedication through a team effort.
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