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A BBQ dinner will be served to Prestige Ticket holders from 4:30-6:00 in parking #4 at the 10th Street side of Spartan Stadium.

Please park in that parking lot with your pass displayed for FREE parking. Enter from 10th Street.

Tickets Are on Sale NOW For a Once in a Lifetime
Event in Northern California

BUY NOW - 2004 Tour of Champions Northern California

For the first time in DCI history, drum corps fans in the West can experience the world’s best drum corps at the absolute peak of their season the week following the World Championships!

Featuring six Drum Corps International champions, the Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, the Cadets, the Cavaliers, Madison Scouts and Phantom Regiment, Tour of Champions 2004 comes to the Bay Area on Friday, Aug. 13, for a history-making theatre presentation at the Flint Center in Cupertino. The grand finale of the tour will take place on Saturday, Aug. 14, at San Jose State University’s Spartan Stadium, and will feature all six corps’ full competitive programs refined to their maximum potential.

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All this happens in the backyard of the Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard. With 17 World Championships between both groups, it makes sense that a world-class event is finally going to be in their “neck of the woods.” Both organizations are elated about the opportunity for their fans and alumni to see the best of the best. The excitement and energy for this event is already overwhelming.

And what a venue! On Saturday night, Aug. 14, all six corps will perform their competitive field productions at San Jose State University Spartam Stadium. This venue is one of the best drum corps stadiums on the West Coast. It is intimate while being large enough to hold 10,000 people on the front side. The stadium has no track, so the corps will be up and in your laps for these incredible world-class performances. The sightlines and fast-rising elevations of the stands give the audience incredible viewing angles and audible experiences.

Speaking of viewing opportunities, have you ever witnessed drum corps onstage? Well you can at th Flint Center in Cupertino on Friday night, Aug. 13. In a world-class theater venue, all six corps will bring you special, never-before-seen performances on stage and under the lights. Brass, dance, spinning, tossing, drumming, video and intensity will highlight this fun filled event. Corps will perform together in a variety of combinations to present a very tight and fast-paced evening of drum corps onstage. A very limited amount of seats are available. Do not be locked out of this event and have to listen from outside the theater. Get you tickets now!

Did we say that the corps will be at their peak? Hot off of the DCI World Championships, these corps barnstorm into California with their final event of the DCI summer in Northern California. Never before and possibly never again will this act be together on the West Coast in one location at this time of the season.

This will be the place to be on a beautiful warm August night in California.

What a combination of performers, weather, venues and a time in the season. Do not miss this event! Bring people that you thought you never could introduce to this activity, family that has never witnessed this spectacle. Enjoy this with other fans and alumni. With the six past world champions, this event will not disappoint from the first minute to the last note.

The best seats are now available -- come and enjoy this experience of a lifetime!

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