...and in second place, the Vanguard


"4:30 p.m. June 22, 1975 ... A windy, sunny afternoon in San Bruno, California. Overhead a small cloud raced a larger one. "Interesting," I though. I knew something was going to happen. Something big. It's strange how just a few choice words will affect certain people. In this case, some cried, some screamed, shrieked, whistled, jumped, and cheered; and some grew angry or even hurt. It's strange what happens when a king is dethroned and an audience explodes. Just a few words ...

The Blue Devils made history. A dream came true. I wonder how Jerry Seawright felt when Gale Royer ran up to congratulate him. It was a new feeling for everyone, and I don't just mean for Blue Devils. Half of the field on retreat seemed twice as tall, the other half was biting a bitter lip. A dark, solemn mood fell over those horns with the saxophone hooks, the rifles with the skinned knees, and the drums with their previously unbroken record. I wonder how those super-snares felt when they heard, "High Drums: The Blue Devils!" Fifty-six undefeated shows. Fifty-six!

On the other side of the field there was a new set of super-snares, keeping their eyes on the future, accepting a new challenge. They won high drums now twice, but should they dare to try for fifty-seven? What's it like to challenge a god, and win?

'The days of the Christmas trees are over." says Brian Irion of Walnut Creek, Calif. "No, Vanguard didn't kick the bucket, it's just that Blue Devils kicked!" smiles Mike Page of Saratoga, Calif.

And amid all the laughter, the hugs, the screams, the tears, and the overall hysteria, the Blue Crew gleamed with a new sparkle in their eyes, a new thought, a larger hurdle: "We've done it once, but..."

Just a few words can do it. Just a few critical, earth-shaking words: "In second place with a score of 71.85..."


Field Contest June 22, San Bruno, California
Class A
Concord Blue Devils ... 72.95
Santa Clara Vanguard ... 71.85
Capitol Freelancers ... 59.3
Class B
Conquistadors ... 47.70
Knight Raiders ... 45.70
Blue Devils B ... 38.50

Hi drums, horns: Blue Devils; Hi GE: tie between Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue Devils; Hi M&M Conquistadors

Precision West
June 21 -Concord California
Class A
Santa Clara Vanguard ... 71.80
Concord Blue Devils ... 71.45
Capitol Freelancers ... 55.00
Class B
Conquistadors ... 48.85
Santa Ana Squires ... 41.75
Blue Devils B ... 41.65
Hi drums, horns: Blue Devils; Hi GE: Vanguard; Hi M&M Conquistadors

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