Vanguard bounces back, Wins in Pasco


Pasco, Wn. - 2 July, 1975. Cavalcade of Drums ... This is going to be a tremendously competitive season. Last night the Vanguard lost M&M and bugles to 27th, and drums and bugles to the Blue Devils, ...

... Boy! Are the Blue Devil's horns beautiful. Their powerful horn opener makes good use of their brilliant sounding horn section. I love their Mangione charts; their soloists are exceptional; and I really dig their contras in the into-concert. Those 56 horns were clean in concert tonight, and I like the show's finale. If the Blue Devils are weak anywhere, I feel it's in M&M GE, although both last night and tonight they scored low in M&M execution, too. Their mistakes are transparent to the audience, thought, for I felt they executed better than their scores indicate.

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