Goodbye Blue Sky - A Most Unique Collaboration


Meeka Pictures is proud to announce a most unique and exciting collaboration on the science fiction film Goodbye Blue Sky, directed by Lee Rudnicki and produced by Kirsten Wagner.

Set in San Francisco, Goodbye Blue Sky is the story of an alien rock star named Flower. The search for Flower, led by Casting Director Yumi Takada, spanned the globe and ended with an audition by Japanese singing and dancing sensation Shizuka. Produced by Tokyo-based entertainment company Love, Dream & Happiness (LDH), Shizuka is a featured member of the bands Dream and the E-Girls. "We auditioned dancers, singers and actresses from all over the world," Rudnicki said, "but the show stopped with Shizuka. She is absolutely perfect for this role, and her voice is magical. Shizuka is Flower."

Joining the production team are the Blue Devils, a sixteen-time world champion drum corps, and a driving force behind the soundtrack on the Disney film Monsters University. "Having the Blue Devils work on Goodbye Blue Sky is a remarkable opportunity," Blue Devils Director David Gibbs said. "The concept is to infuse the power and intensity of drum corps into a motion picture soundtrack."

"The integration doesn't stop there," producer Kirsten Wagner added. "Scott Chandler and the Blue Devils are going to be involved in the creative design and choreography in the film, Scott Johnson is on our music team, and corps members will be part of the cast as well. We're excited about it."

Now that they found Flower, the producers of Goodbye Blue Sky have started the process of filling the other major roles within the cast. More immediately, the production team decided to shoot a short film prequel to Goodbye Blue Sky in early January in Los Angeles with Shizuka and the Blue Devils, entitled Red Skies at Night.

Red Skies at Night will give the team valuable experience together and allow experimentation with aspects of the characters and music production as they prepare for the feature film.

For more information on Goodbye Blue Sky or Red Skies at Night, please visit the Goodbye Blue Sky Facebook page

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