Sweet 16 - The Silver Journey


The journey from the beginning of the season to the final days in Indianapolis are filled with so many stories. From auditions, to the first camp, to every days at Mars, to hitting the road, the grind of tour, to the final days in Indianapolis, we push and we push and we push. This year was no different. Yet this year was altogether different.

Our 2016 members were amazing. They were dedicated, hard working, talented, and genuinely great people. They pushed through bad weather, new instruments, demanding music, non stop visual demands, guard composition that pushed the best of talent, props, and a high level of dance with a determination like no other. We asked so much of our members, staff, and volunteers this year, and everyone rose to the occasion. We expect so much out of our BD World, as we strive to keep pushing and evolving. We really believe there are no limits to what we might accomplish. Because of everyone involved and those committed to the whole, we are able to achieve these goals.

We work hard all year for the final days of of the season. As we roll into Indianapolis, we go into Blue Devils championship mode, which is exciting and intense. Coming off of back to back gold medals from the last two years is quite the challenge in many respects. But the constant high level expectations are no surprise to the Blue Devils. Our members and staff created a revolutionary show this year. As Dreams Are Made On pushed the visual, musical, and show design envelope further than any other year. And although we celebrated the 400th year of Shakespeare’s passing, we believe the show was ahead of its time.

The percussion section, color guard and horn line performed music, dance and passages that were complex, intricate, and demanding. The camaraderie and level of collaboration within the entire corps set an all time new standard as well. We are so very proud of our members, staff and volunteers. The road to the finals is an epic journey, and this year was extra special.

We finished the year with a silver medal, yet we feel like we won the gold in terms of the excellence that was achieved by our members and show that was designed by the best in the business. Excellence is a trademark of the Blue Devils, and this year's corps took it to the next level. The performers truly are a special bunch. All of our instructors will tell you that the 2016 Blue Devils were willing to take chances, they were teachable, they were patient, they were crafty, talented, and overall a humble, remarkable bunch. We will miss our age-outs more than we can say, and we wish them great success in all that they set out to accomplish.

Being DCI Champions an unprecedented 17 times, as well as placing 1st or 2nd with 6 gold medals over the past decade at the DCI World Championships, is an extraordinary accomplishment. It is rewarding to know we have maintained this high level of consistent achievement. But ultimately, we do not perform for the placement. Each year we set out to create a show that will push the envelope, set new standards for the activity and entertain our devoted audiences. We want to give our performers a grand experience that allows their continued growth into mature positive human beings.

We hope to always leave every ounce of energy on the field as well as continue to make great strides in our growth as an organization. We will continue to ask “what if” and dream about the possibilities. We will always expect greatness from our BD World. And we promise to keeping pushing that metaphorical envelope.

Lastly, thank you for your contributions of time, energy, resources and love. Together, we continue to touch the lives of so many and make all of our dreams come true. We look forward to creating and performing for you for many years to come.

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