Color Audition Guard FAQs

What airport is close to DVC?
Oakland airport (OAK) is about 25-30 min from Concord.
San Francisco (SFO) is about 45 min.
See more Northern California travel info
Do I need to find housing for the audition weekend?
The Blue Devils cannot guarantee housing for the audition weekend. As we get closer to the actual audition date we may have a better idea of local members that will be in town and might be able to provide housing. Email us as we approach the actual audition date should you have trouble with housing.
What do I wear?
Wear clothing that allows you to move easily. Remember, this is an audition and you'll want to present yourself in the best possible manner. Don't cover yourself with excessive clothing or clothing that doesn't allow you to move comfortably.
Should I bring my own equipment?
We will provide equipment for the audition although many people bring their own rifle/sabre if they're interested in auditioning on weapon.
Do I have to spin rifle or sabre?
There is no requirement to spin rifle or sabre. We decide the number of people that will spin weapons in the show based on the talent at the audition. We're always on the lookout for talent in all areas of color guard.
Are there specific requirements for rifle or sabre?
The standard by which we choose all performers is based on the general talent level of all the performers attending the audition. In the past few years we have had an amazing level of performance and skill level. If the majority can perform a triple pirouette, then that becomes the standard. During the audition process we look for performers who can reach the standard (or have the potential) to work with the nucleus that could perform at that skill level. On rifle or sabre, you want to show as broad a range of skills as possible. Beyond that, the group sets the standard by which you are evaluated.
What is the audition like?
We begin the audition with some basic movement technique. This will get you warmed up and acquaint you with the particular style we are exploring. Both days of the audition you will learn a movement combination. You will perform each of these combinations in small groups. Everyone goes through the same process on flag and learns a combination to perform in small groups. On the second day we give people a chance to work on rifle or sabre. This is not required but does give us another chance to see you showcase additional skills. Even if you have little or no experience on weapon, this is a great introduction to rifle or sabre, and you might be surprised at your own potential.
When do I find out the results of my audition?

It usually takes about three weeks (hopefully two) before we can view all video auditions.

At this time you will receive a letter informing you of your audition results. If you are accepted we will notify you as soon as we know the date of the first rehearsal. You may be given a “call back”. The “call back” means that we would like to see you again. The “call back” date is usually in January if needed. You may be placed on a waiting list. If you are placed on the waiting list you will receive a number. This number indicates where you are on the waiting list with #1 being the highest. If someone is unable to accept their position for the summer, we move performers from the waiting list into available spots.

Does anyone from the waiting list ever get a spot?
Although there is no guarantee, we have moved performers from the waiting list into spots over the past two summers. We have been fortunate that the talent level is so high that those people placed on the waiting list made the transition into actual spots with great ease.
How old do you have to be?
You must be a graduating high school senior or older to be accepted into the A Corps color guard. Make sure you check the DCI age rule for your own eligibility. We welcome all those performers who may want to attend the audition simply for the experience. Many members have attended the audition several times and were well prepared when it came time to be offered an actual spot in the summer program.
When do I have to move to California?
We base your move in date upon your school or work schedule, and your talent level.
When does practice begin?
Since we have many performers in winter programs, we begin our rehearsals at the end of April. We practice every weekend in May including a required Memorial Day camp. All day rehearsals begin at the end of May or the beginning of June. These are 9-9 rehearsals.
What is required on the video audition?
We have received a variety of video auditions. Basically, we want to see what you know, and where you are currently in your own training. Some people video basic technique on each piece of equipment they are versed in, as well as movement. Some people include combinations. Some tapes have simply followed the applicant during an actual performance. All of these options are fine as long as we can get an idea of your training and your potential. Of course, your best chance of being accepted is to attend the live audition.
What specific things are the Blue Devils looking for?
We look for great communication skills and potential. We don't expect anyone to be perfect at the audition but we are looking for performers who can be a part of an ensemble. The group dynamic plays an important part in the choices we make when choosing performers. Try to communicate each part of the performance process. You may not feel totally comfortable with the style or technique, but if you communicate and perform, we can certainly spot your potential.
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