Jul 31, 2004 12:00am
Melissa Dougherty
Color Guard

So tonight was the indy show at the RCA dome, we saw the cavies for the second time and we won! But not by a lot at all.... It is kinda exciting being this close. The competition is great this year and it is so much fun! I have a friend in the cadets colorguard ( his name is matt ) and I keep seeing him which I love! Oh and scott came back today, yeah I've missed him, well the whole guard has. At the school we stayed at today there was stores and fast food across the street so for dinner I had Arby's and then starbucks. I figure I'll try to eat as much as I can before I leave tour because I won't eat like this after tour. Wow tour is coming to an end really fast, we are going into nationals week with good attitudes and great vibes..... Whatever happens, happens all I know is that I'm having a lot of fun this year. Oh wait excpet for yesterday, we were at the murfesboro show and we practiced at the stadium. The showers were also at the stadium. Well we got an hour and a half to shower, eat and get ready for the show. Well isleen and I got lost trying to find the girls showers which took us about 15 minutes, then we had to walk all the way back to the school we were staying at which took about another 15 minutes. It was crazy and it didn't help that we both decided to wash our shoes the night before and they were still wet. It was a very interesting night. But other than that we are off to nationals now! (This thing is about to die opps)......
Jul 29, 2004 12:00am
Isleen Rose De Torres
Color Guard

Hello all! It's been a long time since I wrote a diary. Actually I wrote a diary while back, but the sidekick's batteries died and everything I wrote was gone! But I'm back! A lot has happened since then.

Everything seems to be progressing really well. Although Scott must have taken the sunshine with him because eversince he left it has been raining! But we were able to do some indoor maintenance work with equipment and with the girls costumes. Our skirts are now two different lengths with new classy buttons. The best part are our new earings! It all completes the elegant image. I think it looks really cool!

Everything right now is pretty much techno cleaning mode. We're finishing the last touches and alterations necessary for our uniforms and we're focusing on micro cleaning parts of the show! We're ready to get clean for nationals!!!

Wow...I just realized how close this season is to its final destination. My age out year is passing me by. It's one of those bitter sweet things, but I'll save that for later. Oh...one last thing- I would like to wish my Mother a happy 50th birthday! Age ain't nothing but a number!! =D Wish I was there!

I'll be back with more updates sooner!
Jul 27, 2004 12:00am
Angela Huntley (Bokosky)
Color Guard

bet u all know what I'm going to say....yes, it is raining on us yet again! We are traveling to the north carolina show and its just getting wetter and wetter outside. We had to do a standstill at this show last year as well so we'll see what happens.

We did have rehearsal today though...it was pretty short but we cleaned and the guard did a stand still. The field was really horrible as well as about 10 yards to short so our staff decided it wasn't safe for us to be jumping around and be in danger of falling or getting hurt this close to nats. So this is going on a couple days without a runthrough. We had a free day yesteday so that was no rehearsal.

We went to baltimore yesterday and was able to actually have a whole day off. I mainly hung out with heidi..we ate with a few other people, walked around a mall, had a couple drinks outside espn zone then headed to another restaurant to hang out for Diego's bday. It was a pretty fun day, I definatly was tired but did enjoy the time off from marching.

Just a quick shout out to the diva sarah cartmill in the guard. Today is her 22nd bday....a fun day until the rain started. The guard participated in our annual "twin day" today for sarah's bday. Me, sarah, heidi and staysha were a foursome and wore white tennis skirts with bright pink tops....it was a hit among the corps...we did good!! :) the whole guard made it a great twin day....pretty much all participated and creativity came out in their outfits!

As of now its raining a lot so I have no idea what we will do or how long we will have to wait on the bus. Our tour is winding down....another laundry day tomorrow and only a few more rehearsal days! Keep checking in....this is gonna be a close one! :)
Jul 27, 2004 12:00am
Jonathan Holmes
Drum Major

We are in the process of cleaning and packing and getting on our way to the show site. Tonight we will se the scouts and a few other corps. It has been a great time getting to know the madison drum majors they are both cool guys and fun to hangh out with.

The sky is currently black with rain clouds that will eventually turn into a down pour just like it has the past 2 times we have been here in charollette. Either way standstill or macrhing the crowd will love the show.

Yesterday we had our last freeday until tour of champions. We got the full day to check out the city of Baltimore. My day started off with a lunch at hooters and the waitress nikki gave me a hug even though it is against company policy. And that night most of the corps made their way to Cambden Yards home of the Baltimore Oriols. They played the Boston Red Sox the sox tore the o's apart 12~2.

The season is coming to a quick close. We only have 7 more shows and 20 blocks of practice until we continue our reign but with a 12 under our name. Then I will only have one more summer until I get to spend my summers at home in the AC.
Jul 25, 2004 12:00am
Steve Blakeley

Hey peeps I finaly got a hold of this thing, it gets harder and harder to find. Well what news do I have for you all? Urm ow I marched a show with a broken lead pipe. One of the soloists had it break on f tuning so I took one for the team and swapped horns with him.....I hated it not being able to play, but u gotta do what u gotta do. I'm still doing good with all my shows I've not had a bad show for ages but the corps have had a few bad ones....or not so good shows should I say.

We had a full day of rehearsal the other day in new jersey but it rained all day we got soaked twice, I managed to find another pair of shoes at the school but they got soaked also. In the end we just had full ensemble in doors, we got a lot done so all wasn't wasted. That same day all the power was shut of in the school and all the water...it was a pretty bad day but we finished on a high because we got cheese bagels hehe.

So yesterdays show was fun the corps had a pretty good run, of course there were a few bad forms etc but over all it was good.

Our rehearsal in the day didn't go so well the staff had to talk to us about our rehearsal etiquette as a lot of people were distracted by the amount of people watching, there was a lot of people and it was fun to perform for a big crowd.

Todays rehearsal went well we got a lot covered and I'm now sat on the bus on the way to the hershey show, we meet vanguard again it's nice to have a corps to push us, they have a good show. Tomorow we have a free day and we get to sleep in for an extra hour or so, so I'm happy.

I don't realy have long on this computer but at some point I will write how we do things at shows etc and how it feels to be a blue devil. Well hopefully it will not be so long untill my next post.


We just got back from the show and we had a great run I had my best to date and so did a lot of other people. We took it up another level and now I just want to meet the cavies. After the show I hang around with my english friends, div from scv and ian from crossmen. Ian had some english chocolate it was great, I'm looking forward to getting home and having fish and chips, and a nice cup of tea. It's crazy how much I miss all the small things like that. Well I'm gunna run, take care all.
Jul 23, 2004 12:00am
Angela Huntley (Bokosky)
Color Guard

Just so you all know..the blue devils are once again caught in a downpour. The rain seems to enjoy following us and ruining our rehearsal days!! Today, here in jersey, was actually going to be a 3 block day--a day of pure cleaning and getting those gliches out. Scott left again so pure technique and cleaning were in order. ((Scott, we once again miss having you here but hope u are enjoying your own time))

Anyways.. The guard did dance all morning block with dave which was SOOO much fun! We all wanted to do across the floors all day long. We tried to head outside yet the rain kept us inside so TJ let us listen to a couple judges tapes and the guard talked and let out a little emotional steam. (Sometimes on tour it gets to the point where things need to be figured out)

Going along with the droopy weather, I haven't been having the best last couple days. I realized the night of our pistsburg show that I had left my purse at a truck stop in ohio. I lost my whole wallet, phone, brand new digital camera along with little things I had in there. Yah its my own fault and it was irresponsible, but its odd cuz I'm usually so good about my stuff--im not quite sure how I did that. So I have NO money, NO form of communication besides this and NO more camera....give me a second to grieve *****

Ok, I'm not better but at least I know I have to move on. I guess everything happens for a reason so I'm still waiting to see this reason!! ;) my parents are going to try and send me my passport and some money so I have some form of ID.-and at least some spending money for free days. :( I'm bumed and want to cry but this too shall pass.

Other than that drama and the neverending rain, I've been allright. Trying not to let the weather and all of this let me down.

I'm looking forward to our allentown show--it should be a good time! We're getting down to crunch time and are hanging in there as far as competition goes, we just have to stay on our game and make the most out of what rehearsal time we actually get! I'm in this for the win and am not ashamed to say that. but if we do not take it again, I want to know that I as well as the whole corps did all we could with the amazing show that was handed to us.

::fingers crossed:: be sure to keep up and we will all let u know what's going on. :) BYE
Jul 23, 2004 12:00am
Gregorio Hernandez

Hey all. So once again long time no speak, but such is the situation with so many people and one little gizmo to write.

Well much has happened since my last entry so I will try and be quick. We rocked the Citrus Bowl for the Orlando regional. It was great to revisit the place where it all went down last year. It brought back lots of great memories. The hornline had their best warm up to date and even though after the free day and finding out we didn't technically win the regional the fans definitely gave us great reviews.

We returned to Alabama for Spirit's home show and some rehearsal time. Luckily it was not nearly as miserably hot this time around. After that is was up to Ohio for the Centerville show. We rocked the stands that night . The crowd was awesome and were extremely appreciate of the victory gig we did.

Now here's where it gets good. So we're on our way to Pittsburg and we stop at a rest stop. I get off to go to the bathroom. So I am washing my hands and I get this eerie feeling that The bus isn't there. I go outside and don't see the buses. Hoping that perhaps they just moved behind a row of trucks I stumble out to the parking lot still half asleep looking for my bus. An attendant at the rest stop asks me "Are you with those buses? Oh they're long gone". . . . Great, I've been left at some rest stop in the middle of nowhere without my phone or my wallet. So I go back in and collect call my parents and tell them to call Pete the corps manager and tell them I am at the rest stop. At this point everyone is passed out on the bus and don't realize I am gone. By stroke of luck the equipment driver stopped at the same rest stop about 40 minutes later to take a nap. I flagged him down and hitched a ride in his cab all the way to Pittsburg. My buddies on the Hound realized I was gone when they got to the school the next morniing and by the time I got there they had put out a missing person report with the Ohio State Patrol. So it was a very interesting night to say the least.

In other news we went to Giants stadium yesterday and layed it out for the east coasters. Today we were to have a full day of rehearsal but mother nature decided differently. We got monsooned on twice and after 2 sets of soaked clothes called the marching portion of our rehearsal and retreated inside. Luckily the brass and percussion had 2 great music blocks and tightened up a lot of music problems that hopefully will pay off going into tomorrow. I'm very excited because I am close to home and finally get to see the parents tomorrow. Well time to wrap it up so I can get some sleep for the big day tomorrow. Time to bring the West Coast energy to Allentown and blow back the stands.
Jul 20, 2004 12:00am
Giovanni De Torres
Color Guard

Hey everyone...long time no hear. Tour has been awesome for the past week and the show is only getting better and better. The spirit of the color guard definitely grew when Scott (our choreographer/program coordinator/god) came back from handling some wgi business. Everyone felt so complete and excited to see what new ideas for the show he had. The day he came back was the day we had a clinic and show at Kalamazoo. That day was really fun. There was a dairy queen ice cream shop right across the street. That helped a lot since it was so hot that day. The clinic was really fun because I was interviewed and I got to talk on the mic to all the people. Good times!!

After Kalamazoo, we went to Indiana and again it was hot there. After that, we went to Alabama. Oh my god...it was extremely hot there. Help us please...we're going back there shortly. I don't mind the place, but I definitely feel the heat and the humidity. It's thick out there! The first place we stayed in Alabama was at a really nice school. The air conditioning in the building was incredible. We even had a quick segment on the local news station describing how we had a competition there. We also got to say "good morning Alabama" on camera to end the segment. Later on that day, for some reason it rained and stormed ridiculously hard. So we practiced in the cafeteria. That was interesting. After staying inthat high school, we traveled a little bit and got to stay in dorm rooms at Troy State University, however the walk from the rooms to the food truck was really really far. On top of that the stadium was even further. That day was extremely hot and sweaty. There was no escaping the heat and the humidity. But sleeping in the dorms overall was a new experience.

Today was our laundry/free day in Orlando. Laundry was fine, Isleen helped me. We were near a Burger King to eat while waiting for our clothes to dry. After that, we were dropped in downtown Disney for a few hours. That was really fun. A group of us ate at the House of Blues restaurant, then checked out the Cirque Du Soleil store. I have never seen a Cirque show before so I bought the "Verekai" dvd. I can't wait to see it. After that, we checked out the Legoland area and the Disney store. They were both fun and interesting to be in. Finally, after leaving downtown Disney, we were all dropped off at the DCI show part 2 where we all got to watch live the Caveliers, the Cadets, and Phantom Regiment. That was very great to watch and observe what our competitors are doing this season. It truthfully motivates me more to perform only because of my competitiveness. In between one of the performances, I was again interviewed and televised on the stadium's jumbotron screen. That was really fun and random. Again, good times!! After thw show, we got back on the bus and began our traditional event we have every year. Tonight was incredibly funny. We had rookie talent tonight on our bus trip from Orlando to Alabama. WOW! We definitely have some interesting and creative talent on our bus. I was very entertained. I guess that's it for now. I'll talk to you all later.
Jul 19, 2004 12:00am
Steve Blakeley

Hey peeps I'm laying on my air bed on dinner break, today has been cool so far I'm actualy starting to like alabama, the weather is good and we have been marching on a good field except for the ants but you get them everywhere. We painted the field real quick thos morning but there were like 14 of us, as the visual staff helped. We cleaned the end of the show and changed a few sets, then in music block we changed a few parts and worked on the runs.. I think we are getting a lot better today. Next block is full ensemble, it's nice to have a full day of rehearsal we definately need it. Well I've not got much else to tell you. Oh there are some nasty looking bugs and insects in this state, there were some big spiders in the toilets. And there are always crazy insects that attack us in horn arc it's pretty scary lol. Well take care people.
Jul 19, 2004 12:00am
Angela Huntley (Bokosky)
Color Guard

Just a quick hello before I need to get on the bus. We are leaving alabama tonight and heading to ohio. It will be kinda nice to be somewhere else and start our treck into denver ((kinda sad though))

We were able to actually have a 3 block rehearsal day today which we haven't had in a long time. it was long but nice to actually have a day to clean and not be rushed for a show.

Today, john aguiar came up with this saying to write on our tank tops.. It was > 89.99. It means we are tired of staying in the high 80's and we are ready to move up to a 90 already!! Its not meant to be cocky or anything, just that we need to start telling ourselves we really need to work like we want this, not like its going to be handed to us. So that was the story of the day...but I gotta get going... BYE!
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