Jul 16, 2008 5:45pm
Dillon Miller

So we are in Texas. And it's raining... But besides that...

Yesterday was a day that personally I know I will never forget. It was a day on tour, two blocks and a show, that does not seem like an unusual day from the eyes of an outsider. But for me it was one of the most difficult days of my life, as well as one of the most rewarding days of my life. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had seven holes in the hornline, including three in The Line and our mello soloist. The situation was not a pleasant one, and every single form during rehearsal looked awkward and barren. But we stepped up as a section, we still were the Blue Devils Hornline. Calvin stepped up to play the mello solo after merely moments notice, The Line pulled together and had an amazing show. We even were able to take top honors in Brass Performance (by .2) when we had lost that caption the night before. When the show was finished, the entire corps knew we had just had the best run of the show to date. I had not felt that kind of vibe of a fun energetic show to that extent since Pasadena last August...

Days like yesterday, when looking back at them afterwards, are the days I will remember after I age out this August. I cannot really describe my feelings last night in words, but I felt like I could take on the world and win...and I felt like I did just that.
Jul 13, 2008 3:05pm
Heather Gavin
Color Guard

Hello all! Sorry it has been so long without a blog from me. Right now we're some where in Colorado doing laundry. After we get done, we'll be heading off to downtown Denver. It is nice to have a day off to relax and let my body breath a bit. We'll be hitting it hard on Monday though. So if you're going to the Nebraska show be excited.
Now what you've been waiting for...last night's show....it was amazing! I had a great run, but not as great as it could be. And that's alright because we all still have room to grow. The hornline sounded fabulous in the stadium. They filled it up so beautifully. The colorguard had a really good run also. Even Dave Gibbs told us we looked great. He loved his field view for the show. Plus yesterday Scott came back from a week away and we wanted to give him a good show. He was all smiles after.
Now we have to keep going and continue to push. The season is almost over and I don't think I'm ready for it to be. This is the best season I've had and this is number 5 for me.


Oh, and my home show in Portland was great. Thanks to everyone who came and yelled real loud for me. And to the rest of the audience, thanks for making the Blue Devils feel welcome. People were trying to say that Portland wouldn't be a Concord crowd, but I assured them that you are.
Jul 12, 2008 12:56am
Scott Ondek

Hey everyone!

My name is Scott and I play bottom bass. This is my first and sadly my last year in the 'A' Corps. I started out in the 'B' Corps in 2003 and marched with them until last summer. I also marched in 2006 and 2007 in WGI with the Sacramento Freelancers. Both activities are a blast but being in the 'A' Corps has been my dream that has finally come true. Besides drum corps I go to Cal Poly State University where I am Business Finance major and the goalie for the school roller hockey team.

Our show this year is absurd! I'm sure most of you have seen it online or better yet live so hopefully you agree. I wish there was some way I could see it live without all of my parts missing. But since that will ever happen I guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD. Every section of the corps is great. Its great to be around so many staff members, and corps members that can achieve so much at such a high level.

Today we just had an awesome two block day in Longmont, CO where we are about to end our intense past few days of traveling over night, doing a show and traveling to the next state. Tomorrow night (July 12th) is Drum Along the Rockies in Denver and this is an important show because we see the Cavaliers who have been scoring very close with us so far. We are very eager to get out there and show everyone what we are all about this year. I think the whole corps knows how important this show is and we are all ready to put it out on the table tomorrow night.

This is a very long first blog for me but I had to catch up with everyone who has been doing this since June. Hope everyone out there is enjoying the show so far. That's it for now.

Jul 10, 2008 8:34am
Cory Oliver
Color Guard

Sorry it's been so long. I haven't been able to get internet ANYWHERE!!! ha ha. but now i am in utah. AT HOME! :) I'm at my mom's house while the corps sleeps about twenty minutes away. I get to chill here, and do laundry and such until it is time for rehearsal. Lol.

I am really excited for tonight. This is my first home show since I started BD. I haven't ever been able to perform for my home crowd! It'll be really cool... Not to mention the show is AMAZING. there are so many cool things i dont even know where to start. lol anyway... i am going to use my time away wisely... so until later... ciao!
Jul 10, 2008 3:13am
Dillon Miller

Today was an interesting day, filled with surprises and bad fields...

It started at six am, when the funliner broke down, and i spent an hour at the Flying J while the 04 went to pick up the occupants of the aforementioned broken bus.. Bus got back, and I went back to bed, woke up at 11 am in Nampa, ID. Luckily our staff lets us sleep, and we had a good 3 hours of floor time before our quick rehearsal block, which was followed by a volleyball tournament fiasco, awkward shower arrangements, and food...

Show was tough, grass was not fun... but it turned out alright...

On the way to utah now....... people around me are trying to figure out sleeping arrangements on the bus, so I better get involved with the situation...

Jul 10, 2008 2:57am
Brian Howard
Drum Major


So we just left the Nampa, Idaho show and are now on our way to Bountiful, Utah. Cool name for a city, huh? We had a pretty good show tonight, it was better than the night before, but we all keep pushing the expectations. That's the idea, just keep getting better everyday, every night.

Oregon was beautiful. And great weather. It is actually starting to feel like we are on "tour". We are now moving from place to place everyday. Move into a school, work hard, do a show, and move on. Now we are even experiencing typical tour difficulties. We only had one locker room with working showers today. Don't worry, we split up the shower times between the girls and boys, and everyone got to shower, even after the show. Thanks to our staff and the great Idaho housing host.

The show cite tonight was right next to a McDonalds and Sonic. We have the best food and cooks at BD, but a strawberry lime-aid from Sonic is a nice treat. Almost as good as our famous "cheese-bagels".

I am excited and looking forward to the Utah and Denver shows. I used to live in Denver so I have lots of friends there and we will get to see even more competition.

I hope everyone is enjoying the show as much as we are. Our show is fun, artistic, classy, comical, and original. It is so cool to be able to laugh with the audience. If you haven't seen it yet, come to a show! Or check out the Fan Network thing, its easy and has great videos of current performances and BlueViews. And that reminds me, if you haven't seen the BlueViews yet, check them out. I just recently got to see them and I was very impressed, they are cool and the new host is awesome.

Hope to see you all soon,

Thanks to all support from BD friends and Fans.

Jul 9, 2008 9:54am
Dennis Ian S Arocena

Hey everyone! So we just finished up the show in Portland, Oregon. I'm using someone's laptop on the bus right now. I just want to say thanks to all of the Oregon fans that came out to the show tonight! It was such an awesome crowd, one of my favorites on tour so far! This is my first time in the Pacific Northwest and I really like it here, it reminds me of parts of Pennsylvania. The weather is great and the people are so nice here. Actually, one of the event staff at the show was originally from Pennsylvania and went to Penn State back in the day. It's a small world after all, and I just wanted to say thanks to Tom McCann.

I think the last time I wrote was in Yucaipa, so I guess I'll recap the past week or so.

The San Diego show was great! Another great crowd and I got to see my mom and about ten or so of my relatives who live in San Diego. Kind of funny story: I asked my mom if she could bring me a cheesesteak all the way from Philadelphia, and she did and took it on the plane. So I devoured it after the San Diego show, and I ended up getting food poisoning the next day! So I wasn't able to march the show in the Rose Bowl on the 4th of July. I was really upset because I couldn't march in the place where we won last year again. Oh well, it's just another lesson learned.

The Stanford show was great! Our last show in California and the last of our homeshows! Great crowd, and an amazing stadium to have a drum corps show in. It should definitely be in contention for a championship site in the future.

Alright, we're getting ready to leave for Boise, Idaho. Until later!
Jul 7, 2008 7:50pm
Brandon Bridges

Well, we finally left CA. I sure am gonna miss the sunshine, the beach... *sigh* But now it's off to see places I've never seen before!
Portland's pretty cool. It's not too hot here.
The first few shows have been pretty cool. It was really nice seeing my friends afterwards, so for those of you that drove forever to come see the Blue Devils perform, I thank you, and we thank you. You are what make us keep going on.
Not too much else to say. I miss my family. They're in Hawaii this week. Keep screaming in the stands, and we'll see you down the road!

Jul 7, 2008 3:56pm
Dillon Miller

So we have finally made it out of california and are now in Oreon. A bit southwest of Portland, and the weather could not be nicer. This is a neat experience for me right now, as I have not marched in the Pacific Northwest since I marched OC, who are based around here.

It is good to be on the road again, not that I dislike being in California at all, but to see many other places around the nation is one aspect of this activity I quite enjoy.

In other news, my girlfriend (who is living at her parents' house during summer break from school) might visit today, if she can get off work in time. She is living in vancouver, WA which is just over the boarder, about 30 mins away... Well lunch is done, ttyl.
Jul 3, 2008 1:02am
Dillon Miller

So I haven't had a lot of time to write lately, not much bus time and such as we have been in SoCal rehearsing for the past few days...

The last few days have been change days, and some good tweaks have been added in to our show, mostly in the opener... The corps responded VERY well to the changes, and I have been quite impressed by our performance quality so far.

Tomorrow we see Phantom and Vanguard in San Diego, should be a good show (if we survive the five hour block in this heat lol).

Write more on the bus tomorrow. Looking forward to the 4th of July show!
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