Gail Schultz International Fellowship

Gail Schultz's deep passion for global stewardship and international participation is known and respected worldwide. Gail served as an enthusiastic supporter, graceful ambassador and hard-working friend for not only the Blue Devils but the entire drum corps community. Her kindness has had a positive impact on numerous lives both near and far.

In honor of her global stewardship and compassion, BD Performing arts and Gail's family have established the Gail Schultz International Fellowship to help non-US citizens offset participation costs and achieve their dreams of joining a US-based Junior drum and bugle corps of their choice. Gail's son Steve Schultz says he is deeply moved by the creation of this fellowship in Gail's name. "It will be her legacy. I know this would mean so much to her".

BDPA will administrate the program through their "One Music One World" initiative, with support from Drum Corps International and various drum corps organizations across the globe. Pete Emmons, Sheryl Miles and Pat Seidling serve as co-chairs.

DCI membership and age eligibility criteria will apply.

2022 recipients:

  • Sean Molloy, Ireland, member of the Boston Crusaders
  • Kairi Watanabe, Japan, member of The Blue Devils

2023 recipients:

  • Lauren Kent-Walton, England, member of the Spartans
  • Misaka Nagasaka, Japan, member of the Blue Devils

ABOUT GAIL SCHULTZ -- Gail started her involvement with the Blue Devils in 1971 when her daughter Christine joined the Twirlers and was a member of the USTA National Champions Annette's Pets Twirling Team. Gail's son Steven participated in the Jr Drum & Bell Corps. Gail managed the Junior and Senior Twirling Corps as well as the Winter Guard, and served on the Board of Directors from 1976 to 1990. She was Board president in 1977–1978 and from 1985–1987 and also chaired the Precision West committee from 1985–1992. As Marketing and Development Director, Gail coordinated special events and recruitment drives, created public relations materials, and represented the Blue Devils to the City Chamber of Commerce. As Promotions Manager, Gail coordinated all aspects of the souvenir sales: on the road with the A Corps during the summer and from the office during the off season.


Esperanza Tovar – "Talking to her anytime I saw her about any life tips she could give me so I could be as happy and as sweet as she was. And every time she said everyone had kindness in them, you just can't be afraid to show it. I loved every conversation I had with her."

Kimberly Ely Jones – "Gail was always there for anything you needed. Such a shining soul, always smiling. It was a highlight every summer to greet her at the souvie Stand and to reconnect. No matter how many years it had been since my age out she always took time to chat, reminisce and just smile and laugh."

Sheryl Miles – "Her house was always open to me and staff. She loved to sit out on her back patio and we would bbq steaks or chicken. We would Talk about Blue Devils and her family. She loved both of those things so much."

Robby Jacobson – "For 8+ years Gail literally created a home away from home for me. I loved coming home from all days and hearing her stories of how "crazy " the office was at the hall that day. She loved the Stanford show and no one worked harder on it than she did. She loved the Allentown after-party that all the corps' souvie workers had."

Roberto Tiscareno – "Gail was kind and thoughtful. I'm grateful for all that she has done for myself, my brother, our lost friend Eriq, and all of the alumni/volunteers she has touched over the years."

Steve Vento – "After I aged out and until I got on staff, I'd drop by the souvie booth whenever I could while I was teaching with other corps and she always knew my name. She was amazing at that!! Gail remembered so much about you, your back story, etc.. an amazing ambassador for drum corps and just a sweet person."

John Donovan – "Gail was the person that welcomed me into the Blue Devils organization when my sons marched in the early 2000's. It was her over-sized personality, her love for the corps and the kids, and her dedication to the organization that showed me that this was a place I should dedicate my time to."

Teresa Saunders – "I feel so blessed to have called her a friend and confidant. I had the pleasure of seeing her in action and watching her welcome people when they came back around as well as represent BDPA throughout the community and our activity. I was always impressed at her ability to make people feel so welcomed and appreciated. I will miss my friend, her laugh and smile, and remember the fun times we shared."

Ken Honsberger – "When I was responsible for the Allentown show and then working for DCI there was no one more welcoming or kind as Gail. She truly knew what it was like to be on the promotion and sponsorship side of the activity and in my visits to California for the Concord Pavillion shows and my time with DCI she was always someone that I could talk to about the ideas around the promotional side of drum corps."

Erwin Van Wengen – "Sadly I have to let you go. Blue Devils 1990 started my friendship with you. Not only with you and your family did I have the best time of my life. I am forever grateful to you for what you have given me. With words I cannot describe the special place you have in my heart. With a big smile and a tear, I look back at all the beautiful moments we have shared together. Rest In Peace. I will never forget you."

Harrie Reumkins – "Twenty years ago, we were working hard to bring the Blue Devils to the 2005 edition of the World Music Contest. Gail was most enthusiastic about all the international possibilities. Over the years Gail kept the contact going, and when we were able to help DCE to bring their championship to Kerkrade's Parkstad Limburg Stadium Gail was there again showing that her interest lay not only with the Blue Devils, but with the international development of corps-style banding as such. She kept that torch burning until the end. She will be sadly missed."

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