At long last Vito Corleone has entered the drum corps arena... And he's wearing blue.

The searing epic of The Godfather takes a powerful turn as the Blue Devils bring visions of the best selling novel and award winning motion picture to the field. Imagery and symbolism come face to face with the commanding musical distinctiveness that has solidified the Blue Devils place in drum corps history.

The staggering magnitude of The Godfather embraces a romantic, passionate journey of family and fortune. With a zealous commitment to communication, the Blue Devils exploration of this multi-faceted musical and visual saga will unite intellect and emotion.

The eclectic collage parallels the Corleone family itself with a range of classical and jazz, soundtrack and symphonic, rhythmic and silent. Motion meets Omerta, cadence meets caporegime; never underestimate the element of surprise.

The musical journey takes its cue from Nino Rota. Rota created for The Godfather a powerful musical score that would include themes that have become some of the most memorable in cinema history. From the film's opening "Godfather Waltz" to "Sicilian Pastorale" to the dramatic "Love Theme", the score was laced with intricate melody, Italian tinged passages, and hauntingly tragic themes. Rota's score for La Strada offers the color and character that adds a new dimension to what Francis Ford Coppola called "A romance about a king and three sons".

This summer, Vito Corleone will make his presence known on a field of music, color and motion. This is... The Godfather, Part BLUE.

  • "Chapter One" Nino Rota
  • "Chapter Two" Nino Rota
  • "Chapter Three" Nino Rota
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