The backstage of a MOVIE SET, scaffolding, costumes, props, lights, a director's chair next to a camera...motionless. An Apparition enters, significance visible with each step. The ghostlike figure stops next to the camera. A beat.

EXTREME CLOSE UP - a hand reaches for the camera. Suddenly the set ignites with LIFE -- the clicking sound of a film projector and MUSIC.

CUT TO the Blue Devils 2014. Felliniesque begins.

A whirlwind of motion, music, and dance. Passionate excellence. The love of FILM. The joy of the cinematic. A montage of patterns and power. The MUSIC, emotional and iconic, Nino Rota, Danny Elfman, Gordon Goodwin and Maury Yeston. Maestro Fellini and his circus of characters celebrate their influence on film, famed directors, and broadway musicals like the 8 1/2 inspired NINE. A stream of consciousness, dream-like conversation of rhythm, melody, dynamics, and the impressionistic art of moving pictures. Fellini's Ghosts.


TRACKING SHOT - 150 performers from around the world. Talented, dedicated performers from DCI's most honored Drum and Bugle Corps. Frame after frame, faces reflecting a history alive in the present. Memories of performances, audiences, friendships, and miles traveled. Felliniesque. 2014.


WIDE SHOT of the DIRECTOR'S CHAIR. Empty. The projector remains on, the rhythm of the film continues.

A rapid DOLLY takes us to the back of the chair. A name: iconic, original, legendary...


Fade to Black (and Blue)

Act 1 - Fellini's Religion

  • "Old Toys" Danny Elfman
  • "La Strada Theme" Nino Rota

Act 2 - Fellini's Circus

  • "Circo Compagnia" original composition for the Blue Devils by Gordon Goodwin

Act 3 - Fellini's Fantasy

  • "Be Italian" Maury Yeston
  • "Movie Studio" Danny Elfman
  • Act 1: Fellini's Religion
    "Old Toys" Danny Elfman
    "Fellini's Fanfare" Dave Glyde
    "The Glass Mountain" Nino Rota
  • Act 2: Fellini's Circus
    "La Strada Theme" Nino Rota
    "Circo Compagnia" Gordon Goodwin
  • Act 3: Fellini's Fantasy
    "Be Italian" Maury Yeston
    "Movie Studio" Danny Elfman
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