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Blue Devils B is an augmentation to the participants’ school music and performing arts experiences and involves 150 people from California. Ages 14–19.


BD Performing Arts began in 1957 when the Concord branch of the V.F.W. acquired the Martinettes (an 50-member all-boy drum corps and all-girl drill team) and founded the Blue Devils – named "Blue" for the V.F.W. color and "Devils" after Concord's local landmark, Mt. Diablo. Read the full history of BDPA.

In 1968, the then-Junior Drum and Bell Corps transitioned to a Senior Drum and Bell Corps (eventually becoming the current Blue Devils A Corps) and a new Junior Corps was established.

Then, in 1973, the Blue Devils Junior Drum and Bell Corps was converted to a B Bugle Corps, and an even younger-aged C Bugle Corps was established.

Today, Blue Devils B contains 150 members from California and compete in the DCI Open Class division.

For more information, please contact bdbadmin@bluedevils.org.

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