Every place you've ever imagined, it's real.
There is a fictional city in your mind and you know every corner of it.
Your mind is a world, each of us is a place.
Porter Robinson – Unison

These are the words that begin our story, of a young girl faced with the looming fear and pressure of the real world. She closes her eyes, clenching them tight to ensure total darkness. As her fears melt away, a new image comes into focus. Welcome to the world of a child’s imagination. As we explore the fantastic creations of her young mind, we encounter the frightening manifestation of the very thing she was trying to escape. The fictional world begins to fall apart, and our character transforms before our eyes -- learning to find the good in her reality. While our hero is not from any one story, there is a piece of her inside each and every one of us.

Porter Robinson – Flicker

Inspired by Porter Robinson’s “Worlds”, Ray Bradbury’s “The Veldt”, and the art style of Japanese anime, the 2017 Blue Devils B invites you to join us as we escape to a new world, 11½ minutes at a time.

Thank you, I'll say goodbye soon.
Though it’s the end of the world,
Don't blame yourself now.
And if it’s true,
I will surround you
and give life to a world
That's our own.
Porter Robinson – Goodbye To A World

  • "Satellite" Above & Beyond
  • "Spiritual Planet" Wataru Hokoyama
  • "Pure Imagination" Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley
  • "Original Works" John Meehan, Dave Glyde, and Maverick Peterson
  • "Worlds (Narration and Voice Samples)" Porter Robinson
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