BDPA offers young men and women between the ages of 7 and 25 high quality educational and performance experiences in the areas of musical and dance performance. Founded in 1957, BDPA’s objective is to develop personal character through challenging physical, emotional, mental, and social activities while promoting the values of dedication, hard work, and commitment to a team effort. Over 450 young people currently participate in BDPA programs, and over 8,000 young people, in 2,000 families, have been served by the BDPA organization since 1957.

Lainey Braatz Office Director of Operations
Claudia Erne Office Development Coordinator
Susie Ferreira Office Special Operations & Event Manager
Brandon Gedalje Office Director of Social Media Marketing
David Gibbs Office Senior Executive Advisor
Shawn Griddine Office Inventory Manager
Cynthia Houston Office Bingo Pleasanton Manager
Elizabeth Howard Office Bingo Operations Manager
Lucky Kalanges Office Director of Bingo
Pep Manning Office Transportation Manager
Terry Maurer Office Director of Transportation
Phen Pedron Office Product Manager
Nathan Reppert Office Bingo Suisun Manager
Kathy Serksnis Office Chief Operating Officer
Michael Still Office Director of Marketing
Michael Stone Office Chief Operating Officer
Jim Verrett Office Chief Executive Officer
Jeff McNurlan Office Corporate and Grant Manager
Michael Zapanta Office Director of Filmed Media & Content

2023 A Corps Staff

Patrick Seidling Office Corps Director
Sheryl Miles Office Corps Manager
Kristen Lichtenthal Office Corps Manager
Cameron Guerrero Office Corps Manager
Kelly Elder Office Corps Manager
Keith Hales Office Corps Manager
Lainey Braatz Office Corps Manager
Rick Valenzuela Office Corps Manager
Chasen Young Office Corps Manager
Shirley Dorritie Office Performance Strategies Coordinator
Jessica Schloemer Office Health and Wellness Director
Scott Chandler Design Program Coordinator - Choreographer
Jay Murphy Design Visual Coordinator/Designer
Dave Glyde Design Music Director/Arranger
Richard Saucedo Music Music Ensemble Coordinator
Cameron "Chip" Crotts Brass Caption Head
Wayne Downey Brass Creative Consultant
John Meehan Brass Arranger
James Rocillo Brass Instructor
Errick Prince Brass Instructor
Steve Vento Brass Instructor
Anthony Lanzino Brass Instructor
Alex Blue V Brass Instructor
Gregory Horner Brass Instructor
Turner Hawkins Brass Instructor
Albert Vela Brass Instructor
Molly Neal Brass Instructor
Daniel Galloway Brass Instructor
Kristen Eck Brass Instructor
Patrick Geren Brass Instructor
Suzanne Dell Brass Instructor
Mike Ary Brass Instructor
Scott Johnson Percussion Arranger/Caption Head
Ben Maughmer Percussion Instructor
Rudy Garcia Percussion Instructor
Brandon Olander Percussion Instructor
Sean Clark Percussion Instructor
Nicholas Arce Percussion Instructor
Nicholas Parsons Percussion Instructor
Elijah Jones Percussion Instructor
Brian Dinkel Front Ensemble Front Ensemble Arranger/Caption Head
Hector Prado Front Ensemble Instructor
Danny Gutierrez Front Ensemble Instructor
Chavadith Tantavirojn Front Ensemble Instructor
Marisa Spevak Front Ensemble Instructor
Jazper Saldana Front Ensemble Instructor
Shawn Glyde Front Ensemble Drum Set Arranger/Advisor
Fred Smith Electronics Sound Designer
Geoff Schoeffel Electronics Audio Manager
Michael Dunwoody Electronics Sound Tech
Alan Han Electronics Sound Tech
Tim Mitchell Electronics Audio Tech
Justin Matthews Electronics Audio Tech
Miller Williams Electronics Audio Intern
Sean Chen Electronics Intern
Todd Ryan Visual Caption Head/Marching Instructor
Jaime Holly Visual Caption Head / Designer
Karl Lowe Visual Consultant/Designer
Tony Smith Visual Consultant/Designer
John Bradford Visual Movement
Chris Carrasco Visual Movement
Peter Beckhart Visual Instructor
Ben Henderson Visual Instructor
Brandon Wickham Visual Instructor
Clark Cothran Visual Instructor
Zachary Carrasco Visual Instructor
Kate Warren Visual Instructor
Katherine Rasmussen Visual Instructor
Shant Keuroghelian Visual Instructor
Micah Laird Visual Instructor
Kevin Tieck Visual Instructor
Gary Briggs Visual Instructor
Tim Darbonne Visual Instructor
TJ Doucette Guard Caption Head
David Ziehm Guard Instructor/additional choreography
Shavon Garcia Guard Instructor/additional choreography
Robby Jacobson Guard Instructor
Jazz Legaspi Guard Instructor
José Peña Guard Instructor
Alyssa Citero Guard Instructor
Marlieta Matthews Guard Instructor
Darren Stack Visual Prop/Set Fabricator
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser Leadership Senior Educational Advisor
Darrek Mullins Medical EMT/ Paramedic/ CPR Instructor
Shannon Crowe Medical Health & Wellness Team
Stephen Luk Medical Health and Wellness Team
Charlotte McIntyre Medical Nutritionist Director
Victoria Shannon Medical Nurse
Kristy Seeley Medical Nurse
Diobel Castner Medical Exercise Physiologist
Jaycee Bentley Medical Physical Therapist
Selina Shah Medical Sports Medicine Physician
Nicolas Sesno Medical Volunteer
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